Roof Inspection in McDonough, GA

Drone Roof Inspection

Unfortunately, there are many situations that may arise that could indicate a problem with your current roof, but you may not be aware of the problems that exist. In this situation, you need to understand the potential problems you may encounter and what can be done to determine if you have an issue that needs to be fixed. Because of this, our roofing experts in McDonough, GA offer roof inspections that can help us identify any problems and work to get you the right solution when you need it. 

At McDonough Roofing, we have highly trained roofing experts who focus on your needs in your time of need. We truly care about our neighborhood, and our community is important to us. This allows us to go above and beyond when our customers need it most, including providing the highest level of care whenever we do a roof inspection so you can be sure you’re getting answers to your questions and offers of the best solution for your situation. We’re ready to help you. 

Why Would I Need a Roof Inspection?

Requesting a roof inspection usually comes when certain situations arise that make you feel as though there’s something wrong with your roof in the first place. It’s important for you to look at specific signs that may indicate a potential problem in your roof. We’ll provide you some information on potential signs that you can look for:

  • Energy bill increases: If you notice that your energy bill is starting to increase, it can be a number of problems. If you’ve checked your HVAC unit, the doors, and the windows around your home but found no problems, there’s a possibility the problem is in your roof. A small draft is enough to force your HVAC unit to work much harder than it needs to, increasing your bill over time. 
  • Water spots on your ceiling: If you begin to notice discoloration on your ceiling under the roof, it could mean there’s a potential leak and your ceiling is starting to experience water damage. Even the smallest opening can allow water and moisture, especially during heavy storms, which can cause water buildup, leading to mold and more problems.
  • Selling your home: If you’re selling your home, it’s vital to ensure there are no hidden problems that could lower the value or impact the sale. As such, a roof inspection should be performed to prevent potential problems from arising down the line that can make it difficult for you to sell the home. 
  • Upgrading your home: In many cases, you may not want to sell your home at all, but you’re going through a complete remodel to make it as strong and durable as possible. Having your roof inspected can help you recognize any problems that may exist, whether your roof is older and needs to be replaced, or any other issues that may arise. 


At McDonough Roofing, we take pride in providing you accurate information regarding what’s going on with your roof. We make sure we’re not only providing you with accurate inspection but also helping you understand what solution can be used to ensure the problem is fixed for good. If you need a roof inspection, you need experts who are honest and fair, not people who are looking to overcharge you for services that you don’t need. We’ll provide an honest estimate for the inspection itself, and for any other services you may need in the aftermath of the service. 

Why McDonough Roofing? 

Over the years, we’re proud to have built a reputation in our community. We know what it’s like here and how certain problems can lead to your roof experiencing wear and tear. As such, we work hard to earn your trust through honesty and excellence. You can rely on our team to help you through all necessary matters to ensure your roof is built back up in the most effective way possible. Our inspections are thorough and completed by highly trained roofing experts who can identify any and all problems, determine what solution is necessary, and get the job done right as you need it.

From start to finish, our team is here to answer your questions and give you peace of mind. We know that experiencing a problem with your roof on your home or business (one of the biggest financial investments of your life) is daunting, so we want to perform an inspection that gives you the answers you need to make decisions regarding a solution. We’re locally owned and operated and we love what we do. Let us help you get the roof you have always wanted and ensured it is going to stay strong for many years to come. 

Contact our expert roofing team in McDonough today for an estimate of your project or for a roof inspection.