The City of McDonough

The McDonough Square in the Winter

The city of McDonough, Georgia, is a place where history meets modernity, where the crossroads of time meet the crossroads of states. McDonough is bursting with life and energy and is home to two individuals who care for each other in the most meaningful way.

McDonough is an outward-looking community that supports sustainable tourism. The safety and satisfaction of people are at the heart of its tourism industry, but it is also at the heart of all of its communities. This tight-knit town of 22,000 people knows how to care for others and its members at the heart of Georgia. It showcases the high-profile events Geranium Drop, and Geranium Jam which offers its local business community and non-profit organizations the opportunity to work together for the whole city. You know you’ve gone to a great town when you find people who help each other get by every day. 

Situated at the heart of Henry County in Georgia, McDonough is home to many of the people who work in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Its bustling city center is home to large gatherings of festivals and entertainment throughout the year. Experience theater at Henry’s Players and browse historical and modern works at the local galleries. Community residents can track down their family lineages through the Brown House Genealogical Society and Family Research Library. Rural America is on display at Henry County Parks and Recreation. Nature meets the city at the newly renovated Avalon Park. The city center even hosts a plethora of sports and physical activity centers for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy the shows at the Henry County Performing Arts Center. From great shops with historical scenes to large modern providers, McDonough offers the best of America.

geranium flower

McDonough is nicknamed the Geranium city because of the fields of flowers that you can find all across the city. The flowers welcome you to the city’s rich and storied past that decorate its central square. Family-owned restaurants in the city offer unique flavors that are a mix of the great American tradition and global adventure for the ages. Culture and community collide at the city’s rich and vibrant culinary scene that boasts global cuisine and local classics to meet every palate.

Because of its historical location as a crossroads between New Orleans and New York, McDonough hosts a plethora of activities and locations that display its versatility as a tourist destination and a home away from home. Whether it’s for a quick day trip or a full-fledged weekend getaway, the city’s wide variety of entertainment & services will welcome you at all seasons. Stay at the many comfortable and accessible Inns throughout the city. Experience the best of Georgian hospitality with great hotels at reasonable prices. The locals are more than happy to share with you a slice of Georgia that you have never seen before.

McDonough is a vibrant community with great people who showcase the best of what it means to be an American. If you’re a tourist looking for a place to go, the geranium city offers you art, culture, history, and society like you’ve never experienced it in the state of Georgia. If you’re looking for a place to belong, McDonough welcomes everyone from all walks of life with open arms. Experience America at its finest and explore Georgia through the lenses you see through in McDonough. At Mcdonough Roofing we love calling Mcdonough our Home.